A Day in the Life at a Rescue Zoo: Sally's Story

A Day in the Life at a Rescue Zoo: Sally's Story
A Day in the Life at a Rescue Zoo: Sally's Story - Photo: Nikolai Ankergren

Today was a day like no other at the rescue zoo. My morning routine was abruptly interrupted, not by an urgent email or an early visitor, but by a concern for one of our special residents – Sally.

A few months ago, Sally, a large exotic animal previously owned illegally by private individuals, found sanctuary within our facility. She was forcibly removed from her former home, a small apartment, sparking a legal battle. Our mission, however, is not to adjudicate such disputes, but rather to provide a safe and caring environment for creatures like Sally. As an older inhabitant, she calls our quarantine area her temporary abode.

This morning, something was different. Sally appeared under the weather, prompting us to move her to a new quarantine area that had been introduced in our last video. My colleague Joanne and I took turns throughout the day, ensuring Sally was eating, drinking, and receiving the companionship she's accustomed to after living with humans for 30 years.

As the day unfolded, something truly magical occurred. Olivia, the gibbon we introduced in a previous video, seemed to become Sally's guardian angel. She watched over Sally from her adjoining quarantine area with a careful gaze, appearing to check if Sally was okay. This show of empathy was not only heartening but a testament to the bonds formed within our rescue community.

At our rescue zoo, home to 600 animals from varied backgrounds – the medical industry, cosmetic testing, illegal exotic pet trade, fur farms, and traditional zoo breeding programs – every individual matters. Amid the bustle, we always carve out time for those needing extra help, like Sally.

Despite the challenges and emotional tolls, moments like these make it all worthwhile. They reaffirm our mission: to provide a refuge for these beautiful creatures while working to conserve rare species. If you are interested in more rescue animal stories, consider subscribing and turning on notifications. Until the next time at the rescue zoo, this is Niko signing off.