A New Addition to Our Rescue Zoo Family

A New Addition to Our Rescue Zoo Family

Hello Everyone,

Niko here from the rescue zoo, and I'm thrilled to bring some uplifting news.

We have a new donkey foal!

One cozy and rainy Danish October morning, our team was greeted with a delightful surprise in our donkey and Zebu cow enclosure: a new little member had joined us. Both mom and the baby are doing splendidly, and it’s a joy to observe them explore and understand their surroundings, each new step a playful adventure.

See the little new one in this video:

In a place like Odsherred Zoo Rescue, where each of our 600 plus animals carries a unique and often challenging history, this birth brings a fresh and joyous chapter. The baby donkey, with her innocent eyes and spritely spirit, begins her life in a nurturing environment, amidst a community that cherishes her.

Our day-to-day life here is bustling with activity - feeding the diverse residents, managing their health, and maintaining our expansive enclosures, to name just a few tasks. My team and I are committed to ensuring each being here, including our newest little friend, gets ample care and love.

Your unwavering support, through donations, visits, and even engaging with us online, propels our mission forward. You enable us to continue being a sanctuary where animals can find a second chance at a peaceful life.

A warm welcome to our tiniest resident, and a heartfelt thank you to all for being a part of our ever-expanding family.

See you next time, Niko